I asked my sister-in-law to leave after she hijacked my engagement party’


A family have been left divided after a row that was sparked by the groom’s sister announcing her pregnancy during his engagement party.

Sharing the story anonymously, the man’s wife-to-be said that together they had planned the best event they could afford – at a decent restaurant and even hired a photographer.

On the day, the groom’s sister walked up to the happy couple and handed over a gift – which turned out to be a pair of baby shoes, announcing that she was pregnant.

She explained that her gift to the brother was to make him an uncle, but the bride-to-be was offended and told the woman she shouldn’t have used this occasion to announce the news – and an argument ensued.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “I pulled my sister in law aside and asked why she decided to announce her pregnancy at my engagement party specifically.

“She said she and her husband saw this as a chance since most of the family was there and it’s a double joy.

“I explained that I’ve been looking forward to my engagement dinner for a long time and spent time and money to make it happen.

“I called her behaviour out and told her her announcement was at the wrong place, wrong time. We already have a not-so-good relationship so for her to think that it was cool to do that is not okay.

“She got all p****d and accused me of already resenting her baby because it’s the first grandchild and that she doesn’t want to play my ‘mental games’ and called me petty to see things from this perspective.”

The conversation began to get heated and the bride-to-be asked her sister-in-law to leave, then, to her shock, most of the rest of the family left with her.

She added: “We had no choice but to end the party since most of my fiance’s family wanted to go after giving me nasty looks for my early on confrontation with my sister in law.

“I felt awful because my family were left alone and my fiance was the only one who stayed. My fiance said had I not started arguing with his sister none of them would’ve wanted to leave. Basically saying I ruined my own engagement dinner.”

The woman shared her story online and asked for advice, and soon other Reddit users began commenting on the post to show support.

One user said: “God, telling someone you’re gonna be an aunt/uncle as a gift is so cheesy. Like where is the actual gift man?”

While a second said: “She blindsided you with the ‘gift’, so I can’t fault you for getting upset in the moment. You should tell her she’s on the hook for half the cost of the dinner if she really thought it’d be appropriate to piggyback hijack your event.”

And a third wrote: “She planned that. You need to talk to your husband and decide if you want to be with someone that disregards your rightful feelings about a day that was supposed to be in celebration of the both of you to be ruined. Go to couples therapy.

“This is how it will be after your marriage as well.”