Woman falls off chair during Zoom meeting and has everyone but CEO in hysterics


Hilarious footage of a woman falling off her chair during a Zoom meeting with her CEO has left social media users in stitches.

Charlotte Kozinets, a sales associate at Monograph, a furniture company in California, was having an important call with five of her colleagues, including the CEO of the company, when disaster struck.

In the clip, she can be seen on a laptop screen, relaxed and talking about what she will be doing with her free time that week.

“Then I’ll probably go down to Jersey where my uncle lives and stay and hang out with him for a bit,” she can be heard saying.

But seconds later, her chair begins to creak and breaks off causing Charlotte to go tumbling onto the floor.

The moment is only made funnier when the CEO, not named, keeps a deadpan facial expression – looking as if he is trying his hardest to not burst out laughing – and asks if she is okay.

“I’m fine,” Charlotte reassures her colleagues, after appearing back on screen and regaining her composure, before asking her colleague, Carl, if he is recording the Zoom session.

“Carl, are you recording this? The chair just broke,” says Charlotte.

“I desperately hope so… yeah, it’s recorded,” Carl confirms while sniggering.

Flustered, Charlotte then heads off to get another chair and the video ends.

“The video was a recording of our ‘Sales Sync Meeting’, which we have daily, but of course, it was a Monday and of course it was our chief of staff’s first day (whom you can see silently laughing in the video),” Charlotte said.

“There were a total of five people in the meeting, so thankfully not a huge audience but we were also just starting the meeting and getting all the intros out of the way for the new guy.

“So we still had another hour after this to discuss our business agenda.”

The comical incident happened while Charlotte was staying at an Airbnb in New York and the chair is no longer in commission.

She said: “The host has thankfully been extremely understanding.

“After the initial fall, I was honestly just hoping my team didn’t see my entire body flailing in the wind.

“What you didn’t see is that I ended up with my legs in the air, resulting in a pretty gnarly bruised bottom.

“My CEO was great, you see him right after the fall calling my name and asking if I was okay.

“He’s truly the kindest person.

The video quickly went viral on TikTok, where it received more than 23,000 likes and plenty of comments from people in hysterics.

“Bookmarked this so I can watch it forever,” wrote one person.

“Nailed it,” someone else said.

“OMG I needed this laugh today!!,” wrote a third person.

“I literally cannot stop laughing,” added a fourth person.

“Hahahahah this is amazing,” wrote someone else. [sic]

“I have watched this so many times,” added another user.

Charlotte added: “The video was meant to be for just friends and family, but after the response I received I thought others would enjoy it as well and well, you know the rest.”