Terrible kitchen design ‘nightmare for burglars’ as doors only open in certain order


A man has shared a terrible kitchen design which has been dubbed a ‘nightmare for burglars’ where more than half the doors don’t open unless you have opened corresponding cupboards and covers.

TikTok user Josh shared a video of the find he filmed when he was staying in a rented house, after discovering the glitch when trying to open the dishwasher.

He found that he couldn’t open it as the oven was in the way unless he opened the oven door – in which case he could open both at the same time.

Then, he noticed a drawer in between the dishwasher and the oven so he tried to open that – and found that he couldn’t open it unless both the dishwasher and the oven were open.

In the video, entitled ‘sometimes I wonder if people have brains’, Josh said: “This bothers me a lot, I wanted to open the dishwasher to see what was in there.

“But you can’t open the dishwasher because the oven door is in the way, so I opened the oven door so I could open the dishwasher.

“I closed those and said oh, let me check this drawer right here – but you can’t open that either.

“So you have to open the oven, you must open the dishwasher, then you can open the drawer.”

Uploaded at the beginning of June, the video has already had over 12 million views, alongside millions of likes and 24,000 comments.

One user said: “Save your valuable items in there, no burglar is going to have the time to figure it out.”

And another agreed, adding: “Best place to hide something from robbers.”

While a third said: “Just throw the whole house away.”