Woman brands neighbour ‘out of touch’ after they leave their Porsche to go mouldy


If we could afford to have luxury items like designer handbags or fancy cars, we like to think we’d take pretty good care of them, as we might not have the money to replace them if they get damaged.

It’s just common sense, right?!

Of course, accidents do happen and sometimes things break, but letting something rot to ruin is a whole other story.

A TikTok user named Eliza, who moved to London from the US, has recently shared her horror after discovering one of her neighbours had left their Porsche to go mouldy inside.

Eliza, 22, who posts under the name @elizainlondon, shared a look at the car’s grim interior on social media.

In a video uploaded to her page, she said: “So I live in a pretty nice area in London and I’m very fortunate to do so, but it’s just insane how out of touch some of my neighbours are.

“This is a Porsche, I don’t know what the model, make, whatever is.

“I’m walking by… there is f***ing mould in it, like the car is mouldy. Do you see that?

“I literally get stressed out if I have mould on my lemons let alone a hundred thousand pound car.”

She captioned the video, writing: “More than happy to take this off your hands if it’s too much work.”

Thousands of people have since watched the clip, with many liking and commenting on it.

Some were confused as to how anyone could allow a car to get into that state, while others were concerned something bad might have happened to her neighbour.

One person said: “We Brits have a saying, ‘The rich can afford to be careless’.”

Another replied: “The owner is probably dead or abroad and stuck there.”

A third wrote: “Omg my neighbour’s car has this too! How? How???”

Someone else posted: “Happens with convertibles that have been left for a month or two. It’s because it’s not airtight and there’s moisture getting in.”

A different user asked: “How could anybody get mould in any kind of car?”

“The difference in wealth across London is really something,” added a sixth person.

Others pointed out that the Porsche is an older model so likely isn’t worth as much as Eliza mentioned in her video.

Either way, still seems like a major waste of a nice car. What a shame.