Mum leaves friend’s barbecue ‘starving’ after being charged £40 per person


The sun has finally been spotted, so it’s officially time to start grilling.

Never mind the frequent rain showers, barbecues are back once again – and we can finally invite our friends over.

But one mum was left hungry after forking out £80 to attend her friend’s barbecue, with her husband and children – and asked on Mumsnet if it would be reasonable to ask for a refund.

A lot of people thought it would be fine, while others were confused she’d paid any money in the first place.

She wrote: “A distant friend arranged a barbecue. She invited 6 people and asked for £40 each. This was to go towards meat, veg and dessert and soft drinks (no alcohol).

“Got there on [the] day and husband and her had issues lighting the fire and then got really grumpy.

“We all tried to help her as she was getting moody and sulking and she stressed she didn’t want help (we all helped marinade the meat before).

“She eventually made a few batches of wings and corn and then started sulking and went inside.

“Her husband followed her in with the rest of us sitting confused [as] to how we can help her. 20 minutes later her husband came down and said it’s best if we all leave as she isn’t feeling well.

“We all went hungry. DH and I got takeout on [the] way home (we paid £80! For the BBQ). I’m still shocked at the outcome of the day.”

She added: “We only went as a close friend is close friends with her. She invited us and we thought it’d be nice to do something different.

“Not to mention all the meat veg desserts and drinks left at her house! We were all so shocked we hurriedly left.”

Some were left gobsmacked that the family had agreed to go – given the hefty price tag.

One person asked: “What the hell! £40 each?!?! What was she barbecuing, Wagyu beef?

“So please don’t buy things in haste and read the small print.”

“This is insane, you need to ask for your money back!”

Another said: “Wait……. she invited you for a BBQ and asked you to pay £40 each??? Was this meant to be some kind of charity support event? And not even including booze???!!!

“Why did you not ask for your money back before you all left? The mind boggles. Whatever next…”

A third agreed, adding: “Ask for the money back. A ridiculous amount of money for a BBQ, and no alcohol!”

In the comments, the original poster explained the food was used to purchase wings, chops, ribs, and steak, with vegetable sides including corn on the cob, coleslaw, potato salad, and a range of desserts.

She also revealed that the event holder held a similar event last year for their 10th anniversary – where they charged £55 per person for a vegetarian starter, steak main and dessert, with soft drinks available.

Desperate for a refund, she asked her friend, who also attended the event, for advice, who said she shouldn’t “because the host suffers from panic attacks and anxiety.”

But she bit the bullet and asked for a refund – which the husband sent, concluding the unfortunate incident.

But many were still feeling ripped-off on her behalf, as one person commented: “I find it genuinely bizarre that anyone would ask for money for a bbq or any sort of event at their house that they invite you to.

“If you don’t want to pay for other people’s food then organise a dinner out or a picnic. Don’t host.”